Water Filtration

Hamilton’s Water Filtration Experts

Ecoworld is the water filtration expert in Hamilton, providing answers to your home or business water filtration needs. Ecoworld can provide specialist water filtration system solutions for the whole house, office or even in the cow shed, from under bench and bench top filters to inline solutions. We pride ourselves on providing products and solutions for larger scale needs which go beyond industry standard. For all your Domestic, Rural, Lifestyle or Commercial and Industrial filtration needs, call Ecoworld today.

Solving Your Water Filtration Needs

From drinking water to irrigation ponds, rain water to bore water harvesting, Ecoworld can provide a customised solution for your water filtration requirements. Whether you require Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection, pH adjustments, solutions to iron and manganese problems, reverse osmosis, or more Ecoworld can provide the information and the answers you want. Ecoworld can provide a wide range of services to fulfil the customers individual requirements this can include water consultancy, media reloads, custom builds, water testing and much more. Ecoworld also stock Filtration Tapware and Other Filtration Products.

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iRon™ Filtration By Design

Our very own iRon™ brand of filtration systems are meticulously designed and manufactured by Ecoworld (NZ) for a range of water quality issues. The fully automated water filtration solution for Iron and Manganese removal uses a special “Solid Core” exchange technology which reduces the risk of fouling. The process is innovative in its design, requiring no pre-treatment oxidisers such as aeration and/or chemicals. Thinking about investing in an iRon™ Filtration system? Try before you buy with Ecoworld’s portable pilot system. Contact us today for more information!


“The option to run a full-scale iron and manganese filtration system on our bore water has been nothing less than brilliant. The 2-3 week trial period enabled us to see and use the water it produces over our entire farming operation”

Dave Muggeridge Dairy Farmer March 23, 2016

“Prior to the installation of the iRon system the pumps were regularly running 24 hours to continually fill the tank. With the iRon system now installed the tank is always full”

Collin Torington (former farm manager Meddo Farms) March 23, 2016

Darren of truck washing business CleanCo in Hamilton was “happy to be working with someone with ‘industry nous’ and someone of Ron’s background and knowledge”. Darren believes the filter will pay for itself within eleven months.

Darren CleanCo Hamilton March 23, 2016

"Ron knew exactly the best process for the best result. He's fussy and knows his product, its his passion.
Water is such an important component of the farming system, and with Ron’s back-up service and attention to detail, I don’t have to worry about it.”

Andrew McGiven November 30, 2017

Vilagrad's iRON system was commissioned in August 2017. "The goal was to take out iron and manganese at a huge rate to create a perfect, crystal clear, unlimited supply. Ron knew exactly what to do and the best way to attain it. The iRON system is simple, tidy and efficient. I'm really happy."

Jacob Nooyen, Vilagrad Winery, Hamilton www.vilagradwines.co.nz January 21, 2018

Having Ecoworld's portable trial system onsite, to see Ron's solution beforehand on their own water, was key to Wallace Corporation's decision to invest in the iRON system. "We had the pilot for 10 days - within 24 hours the water was clear, and has been ever since - tidy and very user friendly."

Keith Manunui, Tulliebelton Farm-Wallace Corporation, Waitoa January 21, 2018

With PH slightly higher than recommended range, acidity of water and turbidity required purification for Food Safety Plan compliancy. Higher turbidity saw cloudy water, which didn’t affect berries in any way but didn’t meet audit requirements. Murray was so pleased with Ron's achievement- his expertise and knowledge to create clear water perfection perfect - "Food safety is important in our industry & we're thrilled to meet standards easily".

Murray Flay August 16, 2018