Dux Actamatic® Dosing Products

Dux Actamatic® Dosing Products have been specially formulated to work in Dux Actamatic® Grease Converters,
therefore the use of other products will void all warranties associated to the Dux Actamatic® Converter and Dosing Pump.
The use of other products can severely affect the efficiency of the Dux Actamatic® Grease Converter and may cause costly damage to the Dosing Pump. Dux Actamatic® Dosing Products come in either a liquid or a powder form and
Ecoworld can recommend the right type of product that suits your needs.

Dux Actamatic® Liquid

Dux Actamatic® Liquid is a specially cultured blend of bacterial strains designed to degrade, fats oil and grease (FOGs). To help speed up the metabolic and degradation process, low levels of surfactant are included in this special formulation to create a greater surface area for bacterial attack and digestion resulting in beneficial reductions in FOGs. Dux Actamatic® Liquid’s specially formulated concentrate allows it to be dosed at the minimum required measurement dependant on the size of the premise, whereas other products may require an increased amount in order to achieve the same results. Dux Actamatic® Liquid is available in 2 litre and 5 litre bottles.

Dux Actamatic® Powder

Dux Actamatic® Powder is a blend of selectively adapted bacterial strains. These bio-strains promote optimum bacterial activity for the breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, proteins and FOGs. It is effective in the degradation of detergents and works well in low levels of, or in the absence of oxygen. It also has the ability to work between 3°C and 63°C. In the absence of an automatic dispenser, Dux Actamatic® Powder is an effective product used where manual dosing is required. Dux Actamatic® Powder is available in a 1 kg container.

Ecoworld can recommend the right type of product required for your needs.