Why Choose iRon™ Water Filtration?

Ecoworld’s iRon™ filtration system has many advantages over
other iron and manganese treatments:

  • Fully automated.
  • Wireless capability.
  • Removes high levels of iron and manganese.
  • Softens water increasing its workability.
  • No pre-treatment chemicals, including aeration.
  • Operates well across a wide pH range.
  • Highly efficient, self-cleaning process.
  • Low attrition-rate and long media life.
  • Low on-going and servicing costs.
  • Water quality is guaranteed to meet potable standards.

iRon™ – Portable Pilot System

All rural water sources are different. Therefore, finding the right water treatment solution can be difficult.  If not done correctly or for the long term, it can end up being a costly exercise. You can try before you buy with our full scale portable pilot system – see how it transforms your water source first.

The Ecoworld iRon™ Portable Pilot System allows you to ‘try before you buy.’

You can trial and test the iRon™ technology in ‘real time’, onsite in your own environment using your own water source. The pilot system enables you to assess the running costs of the system in relation to your usage and requirements. It also provides you with peace of mind in your new filtration investment. 

Thinking about investing in an iRon™ Water Filtration system?

iRon™ Water Filtration Features

  • Easily hooked up directly to the water source.
  • The iRon™ Portable Pilot System is fully self-contained with its own lighting and cooling sources.
  • Includes a telemetry unit to monitor specific trigger points, cleverly relaying this information via text message.
  • Requires only a single phase power supply to function.
  • ‘Try before you buy’
  • Buy with peace of mind to get your water treatment solution right the first time.

Ecoworld’s qualified service team can provide technical support, product installation and replacement. Whatever problem you have, whatever size, with Ecoworld you’re just a phone call away from professional assistance.