​Ecoworld are the Grease Interceptor specialists

Quality servicing and monitoring by certified, qualified and experienced service technicians, cost effective plans fully compliant with councils.

Ecoworld has a NZ service network and specialises in providing products and services of approved trade waste grease interceptors including Dux Actamatic and Endura Grease Converters, Endura Grease Traps, Thermaco Big Dipper Grease Traps and Mactrap Grease Converters.

In fact, our Service Technicians are experienced with all types of grease interceptor, grease trap and grease converter servicing.

We are the manufacturer authorised provider of Dux Actamatic products and services including Dux Actamatic Liquid and Powder, Dux Prowatch dosing pumps, LDs Dosing Pumps, Sink Screening Devices.

Dux Actamatic®

To ensure the optimum performance of the Dux Actamatic® Grease Converter the manufacturer ‘Dux Industries’ recommend that a service agreement be arranged with Ecoworld. Our network of fully trained and experienced team members follow the manufacturer’s recommended protocols which ensure the efficient and cost effective use of the Dux Actamatic® Grease converter and compliant discharge levels. The Ecoworld service contract includes Dux Actamatic® Liquid supply, correct dosage regimes, hardware condition checks and a six monthly trade waste service inspection and reporting for you and your council. Ensure you are covered under warranty by following the manufacturers recommendations.

Expert Grease Interceptor Servicing & Pump Outs

Contact Ecoworld to service & pump out your Grease Interceptor. Our fully trained, certified and experienced Service Technicians & Pump Truck Drivers will ensure your interceptor is running efficiently and cost effectively, while also meeting trade waste compliance discharge levels.

If our service technicians can’t get to your location, we’ll contact someone who can
- its part of our service!

Whatever the system, or dose product, we will endeavour to fix any issue,
replace batteries or other componentry, do whatever we can to have your
interceptor back working effectively and efficiently.

Call Ecoworld – we’re here to provide excellent customer service and professional advice!