Experienced Grease Interceptor Service

Our fully trained, certified and experienced Service Technicians will set you up to ensure your interceptor runs efficiently and cost effectively, while also meeting trade waste compliance discharge levels. 

•  Being on a service schedule with Ecoworld means one step closer to complying
   with Council regulations in terms of fats, oils & greases, and Food Control Plans.

•  We complete regular Service Inspection reports, which can be provided to your Council.

•  We provide necessary services at a good value so that your interceptor is looked after as
   per the manufacturer’s recommendations, meaning disruptive issues arise less frequently.

If our service technicians can’t get to your location, we’ll contact someone who can
- its part of our service!

Grease Interceptor Pump Outs

Providing specialised pump out services in the Auckland, Manawatu, Wairarapa and Wellington areas. Our pump trucks are specifically designed to pump under bench grease interceptors, especially those in hard to reach situations.

We’ll thoroughly pump out your grease interceptor by removing the lid, scraping down the interior walls and mechanisms, checking all componentry (including dose pumps) and then refilling it with water.

If we can’t get to you, we’ll organise someone else who can! Call Ecoworld on 0800 109 202

Ecoworld Pump Truck

Why Pump Out a
Grease Interceptor?

Failing to properly clean or completely pump out your grease interceptor can lead to major problems, from back-up of the kitchen drain to a messy grease interceptor overflow. Most cities require that all grease interceptors be pumped when they reach 25-30% of combined grease and solid content, or at least every 6 months. 

Call the friendly team at Ecoworld today on 0800 109 202 for more information or to book a pump-out service in Auckland, Manawatu, Wairarapa or Wellington.

Whatever the system, or dose product, we will endeavour to fix any issue,
replace batteries or other componentry, do whatever we can to have your
interceptor back working effectively and efficiently.

Call Ecoworld – we’re here to provide excellent customer service and professional advice!