Providing specialised products for the treatment of liquid organic waste associated with wastewater such as septic tanks, effluent ponds and Municipal sewers and lifting stations.

Need an alternative to chemical wastewater treatments? Need to breakdown liquid organic waste in sewers or effluent ponds?

We offer a range of all-natural wastewater treatment technologies to meet your waste management requirements – all products meet NZ manufacturing standards and are fully warranted.


Septi-Cure™ is Ecoworld’s highly successful and easy to use product for septic tanks and multi-stage septic systems. This all-natural product is a liquid blend of bacterial micro-organisms specifically designed to help eliminate nasty odours and problems, improve the leaching fields, reduce the need for pump-outs, and improve the overall effectiveness of the system.

The concentrated formula of Septi-Cure™ re-establishes activity of the entire septic system and is approved for New Zealand’s environment.

Just had our syphon/gravity (no electrics) system septic tank cleaned for the first time since we installed it four years ago. The cleaning contractor was very complimentary about the condition inside the tank with no hard crust and everything degraded to a soft black sludge at the bottom "exactly as it should be when its working well" he said. We have been using septicure for two years now and he, and we, believe it is contributing well to the effective operation of our system. 

Bill Howlett

Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS

Ecoworld’s natural product for the management of dairy effluent ponds.  Boosts the uptake of your effluent fertiliser, aids in the reduction of odours, and clears scum to improve consistency for effluent pumping.

Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS is an easy to use, all-natural, heavy duty powdered formulation developed for the treatment of animal effluent. Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS contains billions of tiny beneficial micro-organisms which are harmless to humans, animals and the environment. These micro-organisms bio degrade the animal effluent and continue to rapidly develop throughout the whole process.

When used to treat effluent ponds the benefits still continue when applied to the land. The micro-organisms in Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS continue to work by establishing and enhancing the necessary biological activity within the soils, providing the maximum benefits of better pastures and crops which have been fertilised with the vital nutrients they need.