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Ecoworld water filtration


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“Ecoworld, a New Zealand Family Owned and Operated Company With More Than 20 Years' Experience Providing Kiwis With Solutions To Help Clean Up Our Environment Through Water Filtration and Waste-Water Treatment."

We offer professional advice, sales and service on a full range of industry standard water treatment processes and devices. We also custom design and build water treatment systems and solutions to suit a wide range of budgets. Ecoworld encourages environmental solutions and uses natural treatment methods where possible.

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Ecoworld provides specilalist filtration solutions for your Domestic, Rural, Life-style or Commercial / Industrial needs from the whole house, to the office or in the cow shed. 

  • Bench top and Under Bench Solutions to in-line solutions.
  • Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection to pH Neutralisation.
  • Bore Water and Rain Water Harvesting.
  • From Drinking Water to Irrigation
  • Custom Build Solutions and Services.
  • Water Consultancy Services.  
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Ecoworld is the only manufacturer authorised Service agent for DUX Actamatic Grease Converter Technology.  An approved supplier of DUX Actamatic products and accessories.

  • Specialists in Grease Converter Technologies.
  • Supplier of DUX Actamatic Liquid and Powder.
  • Nationwide Network of Certified Service Agents.
  • Providing Trade Waste Solutions For Customers.
  • Supplier of Dux Pro Watch Pumps, Sink Screens and other Associated Accessories. 
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Providing environmentally friendly bioremediation services and product solutions for the domestic or industrial treatment of waste water in New Zealand such as septic tanks, sewer & drains, dairy (effluent) ponds or other such contaminated areas.

  • Specialists in the Use of Bio-remediation Technology.
  • A Range of Natural Environmentally Friendly Products.
  • Supplier of Septi-Cure™ Septic Tank Treatment.
  • Waste Water Treatment Consultancy Services.
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Ecoworld is the New Zealand importer and distributer of Grander 'Living Water' Technologies.  Specialists in Domestic, Rural and Commercial use of Water Revitalisation.

  • Access to the full range of Grander products.
  • Expert knowledge and experience in 'Water Revitalisation'.
  • Water Consultancy Services. 
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ECOWORLD's Bio-Remediation Products

Septi-Cure Septic tank TreatmentSOLVE YOUR SEPTIC TANK PROBLEMS...

Having Septic Tank problems and deciding to call for an expensive pumpout contractor, contact Ecoworld first Septi-Cure™ might be all you need.

Use Septi-Cure™ Ecoworld's easy to use all natural solution to septic tank treatment. Septi-Cure™ is a natural biological treatment used to aid in the accelerated breakdown of solids, the reduction of odours, and the extension between times for pump-outs associated with septic tanks and multi-stage treatment systems.

Call 0800 109 202 or Send in the Order Form for yours today!! also available in    ,   or Profarm  

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Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS is an easy to use all natural heavy duty powder formulation developed for the treatment of animal effluent.

When applied to a dairy ponding system the biological properties of  Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS help aid and enhance the degradation of animal effluent.  The major benefit of Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS can be found in the application of the effluent to land and pastures as inorganic fertilizer. Once Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS has been added to the effluent the maximum nutrient potential of the effluent is UNLOCKED through the important process of MINERALISATION.  

 Click here for more Dairy-Kleen™ SHOTS information

Contact Details

Ecoworld New Zealand 2003 LTD
P.O. Box 5486
Hamilton 3242

P. +64 (7) 850-1092
+64 (7) 850-1093

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