Fluoride Removal Solutions

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Fluoride Removal Solutions

Fluoride is a very difficult mineral to remove from water, even harder than chlorine, chloramines or even heavy metals. At Ecoworld, we’ve responded to the issue of fluoride in your water in a number of ways, depending upon the fluoride removal system that you choose.

Removing Fluoride From Water

There are 3 main ways to remove fluoride from your water supply:

  1. AAL Filter Cartridges

    Using AAL (Activate Aluminium Oxide) filter cartridges, available from Ecoworld, is an E.P.A (Environmental Protection Authority) approved method for the removal of fluoride (and arsenic) from drinking water. Typical reduction of fluoride in New Zealand municipal supplies is >98%. Tests conducted in New Zealand show no leaching of Aluminium from the cartridge.  Used in combination with an Ecoworld pre treatment solution such as an under bench filter package can be an effective way of treating your municipal water supply.

  2. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

    A water treatment process called Reverse Osmosis, available from Ecoworld, is a method of membrane-technology filtration used to remove large molecules and ions from water.  RO (reverse osmosis) is an efficient way of removing many impurities from water.  Reverse Osmosis filtration units are readily available through Ecoworld and can be installed by our experienced staff.

  3. Steam Distillation

    Using a water treatment process called Steam Distillation, available from Ecoworld, water is first vaporised leaving behind substances contained within, and then condensed back into clean water.

Reliable, Clean Water

Using their years of industry experience, our qualified service team at Ecoworld can provide the right solution for your fluoride removal requirements. Contact us now to talk to one of our friendly staff about what fluoride removal options are available. Should you ever need it, Ecoworld’s service team can provide technical support, product installation and replacement along with a 24 hour call out service to keep you going. Whatever problem you have, whatever size, at whatever time of the day or night, with Ecoworld you’re just a phone call away from clean, flowing water.