Waste Water Services

Specialists Wastewater Services In Hamilton

Ecoworld has provided design services and strategic advice on water and wastewater projects across Hamilton and New Zealand. Our company provides a range of design, manufacturing and asset maintenance services for wastewater treatment and pumping systems, for resources, oil and gas companies. Ecoworld is continually focused on your requirements, with an emphasis and reputation for acting with safety, quality and environmental considerations.

Bio-remediation Specialist

Bio-remediation is the use of natural processes for the treatment of liquid organic waste, wastewater, or contaminated areas.  This can include special techniques which can include the use of selectively adapted micro-organisms to achieve results. Using these processes, Ecoworld have been involved in the clean-up of highly contaminated former landfills and municipal ponds into more usable and environmentally stable environments.

Ecoworld Wastewater Services

Ecoworld uses decades of industry experienced to offer wastewater services for a variety of industry applications. Ecoworld’s qualified service team provided technical support, product installation and replacement of wastewater services and assisting equipment. Along with our 24 hour call out service, Ecoworld keeps you going. Whatever problem you have, whatever size, at whatever time of the day or night, with Ecoworld you’re just a phone call away from professional assistance.