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Providing Wastewater Options In Hamilton

From domestic septic tanks to landfill and commercial or industrial effluent ponds, Ecoworld can provide a customised solution for your wastewater treatment needs. Ecoworld in Hamilton are experts in the use of bio-remediated (natural treatment) technologies and have nearly 20 years’ experience in the clean-up of liquid organic waste (LOW) in New Zealand. Ecoworld also provides a range of bio-remediated products to assist with your wastewater treatments.

Successful Septi-Cure™

Septi-Cure™ is a highly successful and easy to use product for septic tanks and multi-stage systems. This all natural product is a liquid blend of bacterial micro-organisms specifically designed to help eliminate nasty odours and problems, reduce the need for pump-outs, improve the leaching fields, and improve the overall effectiveness of the system.

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Get Dairy-Kleen™

Dairy-Kleen™ Shots is an easy to use, all natural heavy duty powder formulation developed for the treatment of animal effluent. Applied to an effluent pond, the biological properties of  Dairy-Kleen™ Shots help aid and enhance the degradation of animal effluent. Major benefits of Dairy-Kleen™ Shots can be found in the application of the effluent to land and pastures as an inorganic fertiliser.

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Sewer-Cure™ Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Sewer-Cure™ is a municipal wastewater treatment with bio-technology, used for the treatment of LOW and FOGs Sewer-Cure™. It is recommended for use in a wide range of municipal applications such as lift-stations, treatment plants, sewer systems and effluent ponds. For further information on Sewer-Cure™, or other Ecoworld bio-emediated products, please click here, call 0800109202 or send in the order form to order your products today!

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"Just poured it in today.... no smell already! How long does it normally take to work its magic?"

Facebook Comment: Rachelle Goldfinch May 2, 2016

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"I really like your product It DOES make my septic tank more healthy and functional."

J.E.Raw May 2, 2016

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"is amazed how well it works, leaving our tank in such a good condition. We have been using Septi-Cure™ for three years which allows us to have a low maintenance, odour free septic tank."

Ron Simpson. May 2, 2016

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