Water Testing

Hamilton Specialist Water Testing Service

Water testing can highlight the mineral, heavy metal and bacterial makeup of the water and its limits. Should areas of concern result from the water test, the right treatment decisions can then be made and applied. Regular parameter testing is also necessary in some situations to ensure certain quality standards are always being maintained. The Ecoworld team is experienced in collecting, handling and processing water testing samples. We make sure to talk to you first to ensure that concerns for water testing are justified and that sampling procedures are being correctly carried out.

Certified Water Testing Facilities

Parameter water testing is an important process and should always be considered to ensure the water potability before use. Ecoworld uses certified testing facilities for all their parameter testing to ensure accurate results in a range of locations, including:

  • Groundwater testing
  • School water testing
  • Community/municipalities water testing
  • Public water supply testing
  • Research and production water testing

Water Collection For Testing

Water samples are collected in containers usually provided by the testing facility. Chemical samples should be taken as close to the water source as possible, with bacterial samples generally taken at the POU (point of use). Run the water for at list 5-10 minutes before the sample is taken and only fill the sterilised container once. Always fill sample containers to the top so there is no air space. Its good practice to keep all samples cool with an icepack until received by the testing facility. Important: Bacterial samples must be kept cool (<10°) and delivered to the test facility within 24 hours. Please feel free to contact us in Hamilton for more information.