Ecoworld Water Projects In Hamilton

After decades of experience in the New Zealand water filtration and treatment industry, Ecoworld is committed to continual development of bigger, better and more environmentally friendly water solutions. See below for a list of our current projects.

Our Projects

Dairy NZ Filter Irrigation Upgrade 15 years after Fred and Ron set up the filter system at Scott Farm, 2017 was the time to upgrade this important plant, which feeds irrigation on both the Scott and Lye Farms at Newstead, Hamilton. The filters themselves were still in great order and would be recommissioned but new pipework was to be installed. Due to fatigue, it was time to update to a new, more simple system which connects to the filters. This natural biological iron removal process uses no chemicals, and was the preferred, most cost effective choice of Dairy NZ 15 years ago. The media colonises and breeds the bacteria as part of their lifecycle, where the end product is pure, filtered water, free of iron and perfect for irrigation. This method of filtering a large quantity of water is still the most efficient on the worldwide stage of water treatment. At Dairy NZ, thousands of cubic metres a day go through the process to produce a million litres for irrigation purposes for the 2 farms. When planning this upgrade, other methods were investigated but coupled with our methodology, this is proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way, for the huge volume of water required. In December, Ron handed the upgraded system over to the Dairy NZ team, providing a detailed familiarisation with the components and functionality.

Scott Farm, Dairy NZ – Day 1 The Upgrade Team – Fred, Callum and Ron Walker The start of dismantling the old pipe work The 15 year old filters-still in great order to be recommissioned


Handover – Dec 2017                Ron with The Dairy NZ Team – Ben, Bruce, Mark & Jenny

Vilagrad Winery Filtration In August 2017, the new iRONTM system was commissioned at the Nooyen family’s Vilagrad Winery, just out of Hamilton. The winery previously had clean enough water, but the speed of flow was limited. Jacob Nooyen, Winemaker, said if they’d had a stronger flow when the devastating fire gutted Vilagrad in June 2015, they may have been able to stall or contain it, while waiting for the Fire Trucks. However, the water tank melted to the ground with the intense heat!

Now, a new bore releases a huge flow. Vilagrad’s iRONTMsystem filters the 100,000 litres of water per week which feeds the winery, restaurant, spraying system, and irrigation for the vines if required. Plus, the system is future proofed for expansion, and for the next generation. Jacob’s goal was to take iron and manganese out at a huge rate to create a perfect crystal clear, unlimited supply. “Whether it is a 100,000 or 1 million litres, Ron can achieve it. The iRONTM system is simple, tidy and efficient. I’m really happy.” (Jacob Nooyen, Winemaker & 4th generation of the Nooyen Family).

Tulliebelton Farm, Waitoa – Wallace Corporation We all recognise the importance of having clean quality water.  Unfortunately, all rural water sources are different, so finding the right water treatment solution can be difficult and a costly exercise, if not done correctly. The fully scale, automated portable pilot (or trial) system sat on the farm for 10 days so the farm team could see how it would purify their water.  They were able to ‘try before they were to buy’ to test the iRONTM technology in ‘real time’ on their own water source.  Keith Manunui at Tulliebelton Farm, says having the pilot system there, seeing Ron’s solution beforehand was key to their decision to invest.  “We had it for 10 days – within 24 hours the water was clear, and has been ever since with our own system – tidy and very user friendly”.  Their new system was installed in June 2017.  Two hours after commissioning the water was totally clear – “awesome compared with how it used to be”, Ray (the Farm Manager) said.  “The cows are drinking more now, from the tank and not the puddles”.