Ecoworld Water Projects In Hamilton

After decades of experience in the New Zealand water filtration and treatment industry, Ecoworld is committed to continual development of bigger, better and more environmentally friendly water solutions. See below for a list of our current projects.

Our Projects

Dairy NZ Filter Irrigation Upgrade
15 years after Fred and Ron set up the filter system at Scott Farm, it is time to upgrade this important plant, which feeds irrigation on both the Scott and Lye Farms at Newstead, Hamilton. The filters themselves are still in great order and will be recommissioned but new pipework is to be installed. Due to fatigue, its time to update to a new, more simple system which connects to the filters.

This natural biological iron removal process uses no chemicals, and was the preferred, most cost effective choice of Dairy NZ 15 years ago. The media colonises and breeds the bacteria as part of their lifecycle, where the end product is pure, filtered water, free of iron and perfect for irrigation.

This method of filtering a large quantity of water is still the most efficient on the worldwide stage of water treatment. At Dairy NZ, thousands of cubic metres a day go through the process to produce a million litres for irrigation purposes for the 2 farms. When planning this upgrade, other methods were investigated but coupled with our methodology, this is proven to be the most efficient and cost effective way, for the huge volume of water required.

Scott Farm, Dairy NZ – Day 1

The Upgrade Team – Fred, Callum and Ron Walker

The start of dismantling the old pipe work

The 15 year old filters – still in great order to be recommissioned

The guys will be back soon to install the new pipework – we’ll update you then.