UV Disinfection Solutions

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Elite UV Disinfection Provider Hamilton

Disinfection is considered the major process for the destruction of pathogenic organisms to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. UV disinfection is effective at inactivating most viruses, spores, and cysts. Available from Ecoworld, a UV disinfection system is user-friendly for operators, with the equipment requiring less space than other methods. For assistance with UV disinfection, look no further than the expert team at Ecoworld for the right products and advice.

Ready To Go UV Disinfection System

The UV Disinfection Combo from Ecoworld provides total treatment for potable waters harbouring pathogenic bacteria.The ultra violet process and filtering package that make up this combo have been carefully selected based on years of high performance and longevity in the field. With New Zealander’s needs in mind, this board mounted, plumbed and ready to go system has taken all the guess work out of DIY UV Disinfection installations.

UV Disinfection Combo Features

The UV Disinfection Combo from Ecoworld is supplied fully assembled for easy installation.
It provides valuable protection against nasty bacteria and Giardia. A lamp failure alarm and ‘days remaining’ counter gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your water is still protected. The combo includes isolation valves for cartridge and lamp replacement, with two filter packages also available. To view the PDF please click here or contact us today for more information.