Replacement Filter Cartridges

Supplying Hamilton Replacement Filter Cartridges

Over time, the water filtration system you have can get clogged and lose the ability to effectively purify the water passing through it. The use of replacement filters guarantees the freshness and purity of the water that you and your family drink and use. Ecoworld stock a range of replacement filter cartridges from leading brands. With years of experience to back up our recommendations, there’s no better place than Ecoworld for a replacement filter cartridge and installation.


Types Of Filter Cartridges

Replacement filter cartridges are available for various types of water filter systems. These are available in different varieties, sizes and for different treatment purposes. Come and see our range of replacement filter cartridges at Ecoworld to keep you going, including:

  • Sediment cartridges
  • Depth cartridges
  • Activated carbon cartridges
  • Long-life inline cartridges
  • Speciality cartridges (fluoride, nitrates, softening, demineralisation, etc)

Replacement Filter Cartridge Reminder

Our qualified Ecoworld service team is more then happy to install your new in-home filtration system or replace your existing filter cartridge once it has been exhausted. With friendly advice and our data based reminder service, Ecoworld will ensure that you never have to remember when you last changed that filter cartridge. Keep clean, safe water for your family and business with the help of Ecoworld, so contact us today for more information.