pH Correcting Solutions

Quality pH Correcting Solutions Hamilton

Low pH makes water acidic and aggressive in nature towards plumbing, pipe fittings, taps and the copper liners of hot water cylinders. Most at risk from low pH are soft metals such as copper and brass, as they can easily break down and weaken to a point where water leaks develop. This reaction can also effect the taste of water, generally causing a metallic taste. Acidic water is commonly evidenced by a blue/green staining on baths, basins, showers and toilets which appear and darken over a period of time. Protect your pipes and property with Ecoworld pH correction solutions.

Treating Aggressive Water

Aggressive water caused by low pH levels normally does not comply with the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards. These stipulate a range that is considered acceptable for human consumption but can also be used as a guideline for animals. Low pH problems can be effectively and easily corrected by using the Ecoworld Up-flow pH Neutraliser. This system uses a special lime-stone media which the acidity reacts with, elevating the pH level naturally without the addition of any chemicals.

Features Of Ecoworld Up-flow pH Neutralise

  • A simple in-let/out-let flow head with filling port and bypass system for accurate adjustment
  • Constructed from long lasting materials
  • Non-chemical in process, user-friendly and environmental
  • No risk of overdosing
  • No need to backwash
  • No power requirements
  • Easily installed

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