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Leaders In Water Treatment Technology

Ecoworld is a family owned and operated business based in the mighty Waikato established in 1993 by husband and wife duo of Fred and Ruby Walker. At this time the use of bio-remediation or microbe technology (natural micro-organisms/bacteria) to treat organic waste was (and to some extent still is) in its infancy in New Zealand. Having come across this ‘new’ technology in their travels innovators Fred and Ruby saw an opportunity for how it could be applied within New Zealand and Ecoworld was born.

Ecoworld began as an environmental based company providing specialised services using all natural bio-remediation treatments for the clean-up of Liquid Organic Waste (LOW) specialising in the treatment of septic tanks, dairy effluent ponds and grease traps.

Gaining success and providing their services the breadth of the country, Ecoworld were soon approached by European organisation Grander Technologies, who were looking to expand globally and were seeking international distributors. Impressed with Ecoworld’s environmental image and philosophies Ecoworld were invited to become Grander’s agent and sole distributor in New Zealand. This partnership saw the introduction of Grander’s water revitalisation technology into New Zealand, a technology which has been available throughout Europe for more than 30 years.

Fred and Ruby’s son Ron, came into the business looking to expand the repertoire of the business to include ‘before use’ water treatments like water filtration and purification. With a focus on the rural industry Ron’s knowledge and expertise has built this into an integral part Ecoworld’s future moving forward.

Ecoworld Water Treatment Today

Today, with over 22 years of experience in the water treatment industry, Ecoworld has a wealth of knowledge and experience in water purification, revitalisation, treatment methods and systems. Ruby and Fred are still involved in the company but have handed the reigns over to Ron and his wife Katherine to move the company forward for the next generation.

Today Ecoworld have become a leading supplier of rural water filtration systems specialising in the removal of iron and manganese. Our own ‘iRon-Filtration by design’ water filter systems can be found throughout the rural Waikato and surrounding North Island area. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have seen our water treatment systems installed everywhere from dairy farms, lifestyle blocks, holiday homes, commercial and domestic dwellings. We have provided solutions for many industries including a winery on Waiheke Island, a brewery in the Waikato, and the Dairy NZ research farms.

Leaders in the Grease Interceptor industry, Ecoworld was appointed by Dux Industries as New Zealand’s sole service provider for the Dux Actamatic® Grease Converter and the Dux Endura Grease Converter. Ecoworld now works closely with an increasing clientele in the hospitality industry, and councils in the area of kitchen liquid waste management, our technicians fully trained and experienced with all types and brands of interceptor.

As well as this, Ecoworld are a leading provider of a range of bio-remediation retail products used to treat septic tanks, effluent ponds and municipal infrastructure. Ecoworld are proud to be able to provide our products to leading outlet stores such as Farmlands and NZ Farm Source.

Ecoworld team members look forward to the future and extend thanks to all of our customers for their loyalty and support along the way. We welcome all enquiries, so please contact us