Grander Water Revitalization Technology

Grander Water Revitalisation Technology Hamilton

Ecoworld is New Zealand’s only importer and distributor of Grander ‘Living Water’ Technologies. Ecoworld provides access to the full range of Grander products available, for home, personal and commercial uses.
Grander Water Products operate on the basis of clean natural energy, which means:

  • no electricity
  • no chemical additives
  • no upkeep

Grander Technology For Swimming Pools

The use of Grander Technology to revitalise water in swimming pools is one of the many ways in which Grander Technology can be used. The amazing results of using revitalised water is evident in the remarkably positive feedback that we continually receive from our Grander customers. Industries such as agriculture, winemaking, automotive sales have also seen their own results with the use of the Grander Technology.

‘Water Revitalisation’ Products

The following Grander water revitalisation products are top sellers at Ecoworld:

  • The Penergizer: The popular travel companion that never stops. Stir and revitalise your favourite drinks, at home or away, and experience a more balanced expression of flavour and quality. Uses: Personal, portable, introductory unit. Also available: Nico-Penergiser
  • In-Line Units: Provide your whole household with the benefits! Enjoy drinking more water, reviving in a silky bath, seeing your garden flourish, and helping the environment. Uses: whole of house, farm supply, under-bench etc.,
  • Immersion Units: Suspension units for static water environments. A stable pool means less additives and a more enjoyable swimming experience.  Versatile and suitable for treating tanks and dams, and even effluent ponds. Uses: swimming pools, water tanks, effluent ponds, fish ponds, dams etc.,

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