Living Water


Providing specialist domestic, rural or commercial water filtration solutions. Whether you need whole of house filtration, water for the office, clean water for the cow shed or water to run your business Ecoworld has the solution.


Authorised Trade Waste technology service technicians. Providing specialised services in the servicing and maintenance of the Dux Actamatic® Grease Converter and Mactrap Grease Interceptor following local authority requirements.


Over 20 years’ experience in the
use of all natural treatments for
the clean-up of liquid organic
waste associated with septic
tanks, effluent ponds &
municipal infrastructure.
Suppliers of Septi-Cure™
Dairy- Kleen™ & Sewer-Cure™


The only authorised New Zealand importer and distributor of Grander® 'Living Water' Technology. A unique product developed in Austria and used throughout the world for over 30 years, brought to you by our trained Grander® specialists.

Customer Service Pledge

Ecoworld is a family business built on a foundation of just that ‘family’. With two generations and over twenty years of knowledge and experience you can be confident that we will look after you.

We pledge to continually work hard ensuring we provide the best products and services to our customers. If we cannot help you with what you need we will endeavour to try and find someone who can.


Ecoworld are specialists in the treatment of water before and after use. Leading providers of rural water filtration solutions in the Waikato. The only manufacturer authorised national service technician for the Dux Actamatic® and Dux Endura grease interceptor technology. Approved trade waste service technician for most under-bench grease removal systems. Providers of leading bio-remediation products Septi-Cure™, Dairy-Kleen™ & Sewer-Cure™.


Ecoworld New Zealand 2018 Ltd
4 Manchester Place, Te Rapa
P.O. Box 5486 Hamilton 3242
P: +64 (7) 850-1092
F: +64 (7) 850-1093

Approved Trade Waste Pump Truck Operator

Providing specialised pump out services in the Auckland, Wellington & Manawatu area. Specifically designed to pump under bench grease interceptors, especially in those hard reach situations.

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"Just poured it in today.... no smell already! How long does it normally take to work its magic?"

Facebook Comment: Rachelle Goldfinch May 2, 2016

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"I really like your product It DOES make my septic tank more healthy and functional."

J.E.Raw May 2, 2016

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"is amazed how well it works, leaving our tank in such a good condition. We have been using Septi-Cure™ for three years which allows us to have a low maintenance, odour free septic tank."

Ron Simpson. May 2, 2016

Hamilton Grander® Living Water Experts

The Mysteries of Water – “What we know is a drop; what we don’t know is an ocean”, quote by Issac Newton, English physicist and mathematician, 1643-1727

‘Water revitalisation’ is a special process which uses Grander ‘living water’ technology to treat the ‘inner structure’ of water.  Europe has had access to Grander® technology for over thirty years. Research shows that the use of ‘water revitalisation’ can dramatically improve the effects of water and its quality for the user.

Ecoworld is the authorised New Zealand importer and distributor of Grander® ‘living water’ technologies. Based in Hamilton, Ecoworld has access to all of Grander’s products, including books, magazines and DVDs.

For further information about Grander and ‘water revitalisation’ visit Grander’s International website here.

Grander® Technology Authorised Importer and Distributor

Ecoworld has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Grander product.   We have seen the successful introduction of Grander in many  applications within the domestic, horticultural, dairy, commercial and industrial industries. The effects of ‘water revitalisation’ can be found utilised to treat many water sources ranging from drinking water to swimming pools. Combined with an Ecoworld filtration arrangement, Grander can be part of your total water treatment solution.

Contact us for more information about Grander and its many applications