Research & Production Filtration

Research and Production Filtration Hamilton

Clean and mineral-free water is of the utmost importance in laboratories and production lines. To ensure water quality standards are met, Ecoworld can work closely with you to provide the treatment and filtration solutions that you require. From water filter cartridges to larger water systems, Ecoworld has the filtration systems and advice to assist a range of research and production applications in small labs to entire research buildings.

Achieve High Quality, Clean Water

Ecoworld has the extensive industry experience to help you achieve the high quality, cleaner water supplies that your business or organisation needs, assisting with the following filtration issues:

  • Sediment and adsorption filtering
  • Hardness removal
  • Demineralisation
  • Reverse osmosis (RO)
  • UV disinfection
  • pH correction
  • Chemical treatments
  • Certified water testing

Free Onsite System Assessment

Are you in the North Island? Do you have water quality concerns? Take advantage of Ecoworld’s free onsite assessment service and book and assessment with a member of our qualified service team. They can provide you with the right answers and updated information. For any technical support, product installation, replacement or to organise your free assessment, contact us in Hamilton today! With our 24 hour call out service, we’re always available to help keep the clean water flowing.