Water Filtration Services

Expert Water Filtration Services Hamilton

From drinking water to irrigation ponds to rain water and bore water harvesting Ecoworld can provide a customised solution for your water filtration requirements. Whether you require Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection, pH adjustments, solutions to iron and manganese problems, reverse osmosis, or more Ecoworld can provide the information and the answers you want.  Ecoworld can provide a wide range of services to fulfil the customers individual requirements this can include water consultancy, media reloads, custom builds, water testing and much more.

Experienced Filtration Consultants

Ecoworld provides water filtration services and experienced advice for the following applications:

iRon™ Filtration By Design

Our very own iRon™ brand of filtration systems are meticulously designed and manufactured by Ecoworld (NZ) for a range of water quality issues. The fully automated water filtration solution for Iron and Manganese removal uses a special “Solid Core” exchange technology which reduces the risk of fouling. The process is innovative in its design, requiring no pre-treatment oxidisers such as aeration and/or chemicals. Thinking about investing in an iRon™ Filtration system? Try before you buy with Ecoworld’s portable pilot system. Contact us today for more information!