Bioremediation Specialist


Your Hamilton Bio-remediation Specialist

Many industrial processes produce contaminated wastewater which is capable of causing serious environmental harm. If released into the environment without suitable pre-treatment, wastewater may result in you receiving heavy fines and prosecution. Conventional treatment systems can be very expensive to build and operate, which is why Ecoworld is proud to offer alternative solutions as a bio-remediation specialist in Hamilton. Ecoworld provides cost-saving, pre-treatment or full bio-remediation depending on the contamination type and severity.

Why Use Bio-remediation?

Bio-remediation can significantly improve the performance of wastewater treatments and treatment plants. Bio-remediation is an environmentally safe method for treating and recycling industrial wastewater. Industrial and wastewater treatment systems are protected with micro-organisms for a wide variety of reasons, from pre-treatment of sewage, to final product quality. Bio-remediation can lead to better oxygen uptake, solids removal in clarifiers and overall efficiency of removing organic material such as BOD and suspended solids.

Ecoworld Bio-remediation Services

Whether utilising select strains of algae or bacteria, all our bio-remediation specialist solutions harness the power of nature to naturally convert industrial waste into biomass which can be used for fuel, fertiliser, food or feed –- depending on the contamination type.
Generally speaking, Ecoworld’s water bio-remediation specialist service caters to two basic wastewater contamination types:

  • Nutrients — nitrogen and phosphorous, such as from intensive farm animal production
  • Heavy metals — vanadium, manganese, chromium, zinc etc. such as from ash dams or mineral tailings

Ecoworld can recommend and provide the right type of service required for your needs. Contact us for information today!