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Auckland and Wellington Grease Interceptor Pump-outs

Ecoworld provides grease interceptor pump-outs in the Auckland, Manawatu and Wellington regions, with our professional pump truck service. When it comes to food servicing establishments, the grease interceptor is basically the heart of the facility. You can be sure that the Ecoworld team will provide you with a team of qualified technicians to satisfy your needs.



Why Pump-out A Grease Interceptor?

Failing to properly clean or completely pump-out your grease interceptor can lead to major problems, from back-up of the kitchen drain to a messy grease interceptor overflow. Most cities will require that all grease interceptors be pumped when they reach 25-30% of combined grease and solid content, or at least every 6 months. Call the friendly team at Ecoworld today on 0800 109 202 for more information or to book a pump-out service in Wellington.

Ecoworld Service Team

Ecoworld proudly provide a national service network from Auckland to the South Island as a manufacturer authorised service provider for some of the leading brands in under bench grease interceptor technology and grease converters. Combined with excellent customer service and professional advice, there’s no better place than Ecoworld to find the right grease interceptor for your needs.

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