Sewer-cure Municipal Waste Water Treatment

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Sewer-Cure™ Municipal Wastewater Treatment

The Sewer-Cure 350™ range is a specific blend of selectively adapted micro-organisms used for the treatment of problematic accumulations of Liquid Organic Waste (LOW) and fats, oils and greases. Sewer-Cure™ is available from Ecoworld and is recommended for a wide range of municipal applications including lift-stations, treatment plants, sewer systems and effluent ponds. The goal of sewage treatment is to process sewage to the point that it will meet the Effluent Discharge Standards of the local authority, or be suitable for re-use, such as use for irrigation.

Sewer-Cure™ Products

Sewer-Cure™ Municipal Wastewater Treatment is available from Ecoworld in the following preparations. The best type of Sewer-Cure™ for you can be recommended by our consultants:
Sewer-Cure™ Bio-Sox:
Sewer-Cure™ Sewer-Sox™ – for the treatment of lift stations.
Sewer-Cure™ Powder:
Sewer-Cure™ Muni-Mix™ – for the treatment of municipal sewers and treatment ponds.

Ecoworld Experienced Bioremedation Consultants

Ecoworld uses decades of industry experience to offer tailored product recommendations for a variety of domestic and industry applications. Ecoworld’s qualified service team provide technical support, product installation and replacement of all wastewater products treatments, working with you to keep you going. Whatever problem or question you have, whatever size, with Ecoworld you’re just a phone call away from professional assistance.