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Grease interceptors are designed to allow fats, oils and greases (FOGs) in wastewater to be broken down providing an ecologically safe solution for the environment and trade waste requirements. Many local authorities are encouraging the use of automatic dosing pumps with all grease converter type devices. Ecoworld are the manufacturer approved service provider for the Dux Actamatic® range of products.  For professional servicing and supply of a range of dosing pumps specifically designed for use with most under-bench grease converters on the market call us today.

Dux Actamatic® Prowatch Dosing Pump

The Dux Actamatic® Prowatch Dosing Pump is the authorised dispensing unit to be used in conjunction with the Dux Actamatic® Grease Converter. To function efficiently the Dux Actamatic® Grease Converter must be dosed regularly. The Dux Actamatic® Pro-Watch Dispenser is suitable for all models and can be fitted to units already in service.

The dispenser automatically delivers the specific dosage of Dux Actamatic® Liquid accurately at a determined time specific to the businesses needs.

Dux Actamatic® Dosing Pump Features

The features of the Dux Actamatic® Prowatch Dosing Pump include:

  • Anti-tamper security feature to maintain the program securely.
  • Backup battery to maintain the progam for a certain time incase of power outage or the like.
  • Limited valves to reduce problems.
  • Very accurate over time
  • Hardwired power cable into the dispenser housing.
  • Water tight housing.

Ecoworld can recommend the right type of product required for your needs. Contact us for information today!

LDS4 Dosing Pump

Product information to come.