Grease Interceptor Products

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Require in commercial food preparation areas, the function of a grease interceptor or trap is to slow the flow of warm/hot greasy water, allowing it to cool down. As the water cools, the grease and oil separate and float to the top, solids to settle on the bottom of the tank and the cleaner/cooler water flows out to sewer. Ecoworld is an authorised supplier of Dux Actamatic grease converter technologies and Actamatic products. The Dux range of Actamatic products are a special blend of natural micro-organisms cultured specifically to degrade fats, oils and greases.

Dux Actamatic Product Range

As an approved supplier of the Dux Actamatic Product range, Ecoworld provides specialist knowledge on grease converter technology, trade waste solutions, and wastewater treatment. With a variety of Dux dosing pumps and drain protect sink screens available, we’re sure to have a product that’s right for you grease interceptor. Please consult your local Ecoworld service agent for professional recommendations of the most suitable product for your needs.

Ecoworld Service Team

We stock a complete range of high quality Dux grease interceptors and dosing products at Ecoworld, which we can ship or professionally install for you ourselves. Ecoworld’s qualified service team can provide technical support, product installation and replacement to keep you going. Whatever problem you have, whatever size, with Ecoworld you’re just a phone call away from professional assistance.