Grease Interceptor Servicing

Leading Grease Interceptor Servicing Provider

DUX Actamatic Grease Converters are part of the complete solution for environmentally friendly management of liquid waster in commercial kitchens. Using a unique biological process, DUX Actamatic Grease Converters and Actamatic products are designed to allow FOGs (Fat, Oils and Greases) in wastewater to be broken down providing an ecologically safe solution for the environment and trade waste requirements. For professional cleaning, servicing and maintenance of grease interceptors, Ecoworld are the leading service provider in Hamilton.

Professional Grease Trap Servicing

Regular servicing of a DUX Actamatic Grease Converter and Dosing Pump by an Ecoworld certified technician is the most cost effective way to maintain and prolong the life of the system. This reduces the risk of costly problems, adheres to the warranty of the system and ensures local trade waste bylaws are being met. It is important to ensure the grease trap is regularly cleaned, as a blocked or built up grease trap can cause many plumbing issues, as well as occupational health and safety issues, in addition to unpleasant odours. For Information about the Ecoworld Authorised Grease Converter Service click here.

Grease Interceptor Experts

It is important to ensure that grease interceptors receive regular servicing and maintenance, as there should be no cracks or holes in the grease trap. While grease trap cleaning can be costly to some small businesses, it is essential to a working kitchen. Whatever problem you have, whatever size, with Ecoworld you’re just a phone call away from a solution. Ecoworld’s qualified service team can provide pump outs, technical support, product installation and replacement along with a 24 hour call out service. Call us today on 0800109202.