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Grease Traps (Converters)


Ecoworld are specialists in the servicing of Grease Converters having had over 17 years of experience in the grease interceptor industry.  This experience and our knowledge in the use of bio-remediation (natural treatment) processes has led to Ecoworld being appointed as New Zealand’s only authorised service agent for the DUX Actamatic® Grease Converter and Dosing Pump.

DUX Actamatic® Grease Converters are an environmentally friendly solution to trade waste water treatment.  Using a unique biological process DUX Actamatic® Grease Converters and Actamatic® products are designed to allow FOG’s (Fat, Oils and Greases) in waste water to be broken down providing an ecologically safe solution for the environment and trade waste requirements

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  • Regular servicing of a DUX Actamatic® Grease Converter and Dosing Pump by an Ecoworld certified agent is the cost effective way to help maintain and prolong the life of the system, reduce the risk of costly problems, adhere to the warranty of the system, help observe local authority law regarding trade waste.

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  • Ecoworld is an authorised supplier of DUX Actamatic® Grease Converter technologies and Actamatic products, as well as providing specialist knowledge on grease converter technology, trade waste solutions, and waste water treatment.

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  • Ecoworld can also further offer a solution to your water filtration needs if required.  For more information about Ecoworld's filtration solutions Click Here


Products and Services


ECOWORLD Suppliers of Dux Actamatic Grease Converters       ECOWORLD Suppliers of Dux Actamatic Products             



 Water Filtration -Providing New Zealand with the best and most cost effective water purification and natural treatment solutions available

Grease Traps- (GREASE CONVERTER SPECIALISTS) Ecoworld are the only manufacturer authorised Service Agents for the DUX Actamatic Grease Converter

Waste Water Options- Check out Septi-Cure Septic Tank Treatment, just one of Ecoworlds range of bio-remediation products to help aid in the clean up of Liquid Organic Waste (LOW)....Also Available Sewer-Cure and Dairy-Kleen

Living Water- Ecoworld is the only authorised New Zealand importer & distributer of Grander 'Water Revitalisation' Technologies


Authorised Supplier of the DUX Actamatic® Range of Products

DUX Actamatic Liquid and Powder ProductsDux Actamatic® Range of Products...

The Dux range of Actamatic® products are a special blend of natural micro organisms cultured for the specific use of degrading Fats, Oils, Greases.
Ecoworld is an approved supplier of the Dux Actamatic® Product range.

Please consult your local Ecoworld Grease Converter service Agent for the recommendations of the most suitable product for your needs.

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